ShredER Podcast: Underground Metal Tracks Episode 1

This month, our music-only podcast is heating with death, black, thrash, and technical metal bands.

Dominant metalheads in our new playlist from the Philippines will make your weekend fired up. Listening while you skate is also recommended depending on your mood, but these bands will surely get you hyped no matter what.


Korihor - Satanik Hellbangers
Comatose - Revenge of Lucifer
Prophecyst - Seed
Genital Grinder - Bombs Away
Dreaded Mortuary - Kill Your Senses
Bane - Barely Alive
Abortion Holocaust - Wolrd ov Blood
Mortalfear - Torments of the damned
Kratornas - Flood of Fire
Maniak - Tang Ina Nyo!

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