Get to Know More About Paul Rodriguez on Pocket’s Series “Followed”

Paul Rodriguez Pocket's Series "Followed"
YouTube: Paul Rodriguez

Pocket skateboard magazine aimed to tame the nerves of skateboarders in pursuit of Paul Rodriguez's day in his life.

The new video series of Pocket called "Followed" shows how Rodriguez starts his day in the pool with his cigar, calling the homies for a skate sesh and more.

The heart-hammering intensity of the video made the fans all over the globe intrigued by how P-Rod goes to his day-to-day life.

Daniel Scales and professional skateboarders Sean Malto and Torey Pudwill joined P-Rod on his private skate park as they talked about how it was built and the new and improved place.

The 36-year-old Primitive CEO skated and played pool in his lounge area and said it was his first time having a great game since it was first set up.

Fans were hoping the followed series of Rodriguez was longer, but it needs to be cut short due to important things that needed to be taken care of.

Watch the video below, and make sure to like and subscribe to Pocket skateboard magazine's official YouTube channel now. Enjoy!

Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: Pocket skateboard magazine