Nyjah Huston Get’s Butt-ass Naked on His GQ Interview

Nyjah Huston's Ass
Photo: Mark Mahaney

GQ formerly known as Gentlemen's Quarterly has organized an interview with the 26-year-old about how he made a living as a pro skater and taking huge risks.

The goofy-footed handrail monster is set to put it all out there in the upcoming skateboarding Olympics.

Despite his several injuries, Huston put in all the work to be the best skate contestant and overall champion.

Huston first began landing the backside 270 noseblunt slide a full decade ago according to GQ but he got hurt.

“I won a lot of contests with the trick,” Huston says. “This was the first big one I had tried in a while, and I was just like, ‘Damn, apparently I'm not as good at this trick anymore because I'm out here getting smoked.’ ”

Huston's father was an obsessive, strict Rastafarian skateboarder and pushed him and his brother's to skate massive handrails when they were young bucks.

“I literally started skating handrails when I was seven years old, with no helmet on, so I was just bred into this type of skating where you have to be kind of fearless and just go for it, and he was the one pushing me to skate this stuff,” Huston explains.

Huston may no longer speak to his dad but he appreciated what his dad made him what he is today.

He said. “A lot of times, I would be scared as shit to go out there and skate these spots, but I feel like it made me into the person I am now and the skateboarder I am today, who is known to be this fearless guy. That's what I enjoy skating nowadays, is big stuff. It gets my blood going.”

Huston is starting to think about life after professional skateboarding. “I'm stoked that I'm still healthy and still got some years left in my career,” he says. “I think I got another five years in me, which means I will be able to make it to a second Olympics when I'm 29.”

Written by: Efron
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Photo by: Mark Mahaney