Watch How Milton Martinez Won X Games Real Street 2021

Milton Martinez Won X Games Real Street 2021
YouTube: Creature skateboards

Creature skateboards released the extended cut from Milton Martinez's "X Games Real Street 2021" video entry and how he won the contest.

In the process, Martinez and the Creature fiends respectively dominated the streets in the B-roll footage.

The 30-year-old professional skateboarder struck the only goal in his mind, which is winning the competition and provide a gnarly part to the fans rooting for him.

It was all hard work and dedication to film the part for X Games Real Street 2021, and it showed how the champion struggled to nail the tricks in intricate skate spots.

Martinez continued to excel with the support of his crew by his side as he looked dominant in every footage, thanks to his non-stop work ethic.

The Mar del Plata, Argentina, native deserves the gold. He has always stepped up his game, not failing to entertain every skateboarder with his fast skating and striking abilities to do transitions and handrails.

Watch the extended cut below, and make sure to support Martinez by sharing it with your friends and families on social media. Enjoy!

Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: Creature Skateboards