KING OF MACBA 4: Trent Mcclung VS Blake Johnson – Battle 6

King of Macba 4 Trent Mcclung VS Blake Johnson
YouTube: Macba Life

A wild Macba spot contest has delivered in the new "KING OF MACBA 4" upload with professional skateboarders Trent Mcclung and Blake Johnson going at it.

Both talented pros were looking to reign supreme in their battle as they provided a couple of switch stances and an insane amount of technical stair tricks.

Mcclung asserted his dominance. However, Johnson defended some of the given maneuvers.

While Mcclung and Johnson gave each other letters respectively, someone stumbled and needed to catch up.

Some of the thrown advance skateboarding tricks were unbelievably extreme, to the point that a regular trick won't be landed unless it's performed in a switch stance.

Johnson, who is at the top of his game, tried to control the battle by nailing a nollie stance trick in a massive stair but, Mcclung retaliated.

Mcclung and Johnson continued their relentless match providing great sportsmanship and entertaining contest for all fans.

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Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: Macba Life