KING OF MACBA 4: Jorge Simões VS Nassim Lachhab – Battle 7

Jorge Simões VS Nassim Lachhab
YouTube: Macba Life

No spoiler in this article.

Macba Life has released a new epic skateboarding battle. Top-notch skateboarders Jorge Simões and Nassim Lachhab went for it to obtain the KING OF MACBA 4 accolade.

Surprisingly, the video is short, and usually, the game edit is longer.

Both skaters laid the foundation for the win, restricting the other receive letters and advance in the second round.

Simões started with a superb impossible, but Lachhab tried his best to defend and avoid deduction.

Simões and Lachhab did their hardest, shutting down the skate spot to seal the victory. Hence, the action was cut short.

Watch the battle below, and don't forget to subscribe to Macba Life's official YouTube channel if you haven't already.

Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: Macba Life