KING OF MACBA 4: Ivan Monteiro VS Dani Jenks – Battle 2

Ivan Monteiro VS Dani Jenks
YouTube: Macba Life

Insane talented skateboarders Ivan Monteiro and Dani Jenks battled it out in the new Macba Life skate contest "KING OF MACBA 4."

The video took nine minutes which you can tell that it was an intense game between outstanding skaters Monteiro and Jenks.

The two unleashed some gnarly skateboarding tricks without stopping, claiming the throne to be the king of their local spot.

Although there's a Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Macba Life and the rest of the crew necessitated work and did a great job securing the place with high-quality content.

Monteiro tried to outwit Jenks with technical tricks, but Jenks didn't back down and performed his best.

After scoring multiple letters and difficulty landing tricks, the two decided to work on their flat-ground as it was tiring to showcase their talent on heights and ledges.

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Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: Macba Life