James Capps and Jordan Trahan are PRO for Chocolate Skateboards

Chunk of Chocolate Costa Rica
YouTube: Crailtap

Crailtap's Chocolate skateboards unveiled a new "Chunk of Chocolate: Costa Rica" video showing James Capps and Jordan Trahan that they deserve to be professional skateboarders.

The skate company sends the crew on a Costa Rica skateboarding trip to have fun while working.

In the most astonishing example of why Capps and Trahan should be pros clearly showed they both fit in the team with some heavy skating.

Capps and Trahan maintained their perfect start after joining the team, nailing some good skating, and being respectful to other teammates.

The victory came shortly when some of the other crew members surprised Capps and Trahan with their signature boards while chilling in a boat.

With having new pro skaters in the Chocolate Skateboards team, the remainder of the year will bolster the company's street credibility.

Congratulations to Capps and Trahan for their promotion.

Watch the video below, and don't forget to congratulate the new pro skaters of the Chocolate Skateboards team now!

Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: Crailtap