BATB 12 Pros Bracket: Carlos Ribeiro Vs. Cody Cepeda – Round 1

BATB 12 Carlos Ribeiro Vs. Cody Cepeda
YouTube: The Berrics

No spoiler in this article.

Top-seeded skateboarders Carlos Ribeiro and Cody Cepeda stepped up their game into the first round of the Battle At The Berrics 12 pros bracket.

The first couple of flip tricks until the middle of the game went a disastrous killing, but after a miss, someone got the opportunity to retaliate.

Ribeiro rolled into his zone and kept delivering high-popping switch stances and nollie tricks as Cepeda toppled a couple of times.

Both gnarly skaters fired some impressive maneuvers making the battle neck-in-neck.

But Cepeda promptly got back and leading with his intricate flips.

Although Cepeda doesn't have a signature board, it shows how he can compete against a contest skater with a pro board.

Ribeiro appeared to have turned things around when he brought out the big guns. Hence, Cepeda took the letters and stayed in the game.

The pros bracket is almost in the second round, and it looked like the competitors are stacked, making the BATB 12 one of the best lineups in the history of the flat-ground contest.

Watch the epic game below, and make sure to share it on your social media. Enjoy!

Written by: Efron
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Photo and Video by: The Berrics